Color Vision Agency

Color Vision Agency is a boutique firm representing a select prestigious group of industry professionals. With over 15 years of industry expertise, Color Vision is here to help with bookings, calendars, management of projects and clients. We help foster and develop new and existing relationships. Independent contractors are twice as likely to receive increased pay, competitive wages and better treatment with representation. Currently accepting only a few select applicants :

Currently accepting only a few select applicants :

To apply:

Send headshot, bio, contact info, 5-10 work samples, resume, references, website and social media.

Let us know how you are looking to benefit with representation from Color Vision.

Benefits from Color Vision Agency:

An advocate to negotiate better contracts

Calendar management

Maintain and grow existing clientele

Be introduced to a strong network

Help organize existing projects

Have a strong brand behind you


Are you an industry professional that needs representation?

Or are you busy to follow up with bookings, inquiries, etc.

Do you want to broaden your clientele?

Need to weed out the bad clients?

Is it awkward negotiating your own rates?

Email us at info@colorvisioncreates.com for all inquires.