Apply Now: Unscripted Film Lab Is Giving 90K Towards Your Dream Project


Is there a project you’ve been talking about doing for years? A documentary you really wanted to work on? Something that the world needs to see, but you’re short on the funds to get it done? Live out your dreams now thanks to the Unscripted Film Lab!

Part incubator and part competition, the Unscripted Film Lab from TalNexus is inspired by Y Combinator and TalNexus' narrative SmashCut Film Lab. It also comes with the opportunity to receive up to $90,000 to put toward your project.

After a robust application process, seven documentary projects will be selected.

Each project receives a $20,000 production grant to produce a 15-30 minute short doc or series. 

After which, each film is judged by a panel of industry pros and the top three will move on to the next round. Those three projects are given an additional $5000 to execute a TalNexus approved marketing and distribution plan.

The film that achieves the most success in terms of its metrics and impact after a three-month “run” in the market, will win access to an additional $60,000 grant to use toward their feature length or series versions. This grant will be put into an escrow account while you raise funds for the remainder of the production budget.  If funds cannot be raised, then a new production must be drawn up and approved to access the $60,000.  

They will be green-lighting stories that explore, challenge, and affirm the core values of their organization:

Unscripted Film Lab begins with the Kickoff Weekend Workshop, currently scheduled to be held at TalNexus headquarters in downtown Los Angeles January 18 – 20, 2019. 

Submissions are currently being accepted. Click here for more information.