We Work Creative Awards Is Giving Away 360K

WeWork wants to support innovative products and the people behind them. The Creator Awards is a global competition open to entrepreneurs, performers, startups, and nonprofits - anybody who embodies their mantra, "Create Your Life's Work."

The Performing Arts category is meant for live performers interested in sharing their talents on the Creator Awards stage. The Nonprofit category is meant for registered NGOs, charities, and nonprofit organizations. The Business Venture category is meant for startups, entrepreneurs, or established enterprises. The Community Giver category is meant for individuals or collectives impacting their local communities. As a heads up: If they believe your project fits better in a different category than the one in which you applied, they may move you into that category.

They are awarding up to $360K USD in funding. Creator Awards prizes vary depending on what type of company you are. Certified nonprofits and performance artists will receive cash prizes, while entrepreneurs, startups, and other for-profit companies will receive a Simple Agreement for Future Equity structure Investment.

You don’t have to be a WeWork member to apply.

The application deadline for the Western US region is April 10, 2018. Click https://creatorawards.wework.com/ for more information about how to apply.