You're Invited: The White Dress Project

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An estimated 26 million women in the U.S. between the ages of 29 and 59 years old have symptomatic uterine fibroids, but we just aren’t talking about it!  Often, women suffer in silence because of the guilt and stigma associated with their symptoms such as heavy bleeding, fatigue, infertility, and pain.

At A Night in White, we want to create a chic and intimate feeling of sisterhood, support, and unity, knowing that our personal stories, can serve as a source of motivation and hope for other women suffering from fibroids and similar conditions. 

For a woman living with fibroids, wearing white can be completely out of the question, and it takes on significant meaning to wear the color proudly. Wearing a white dress won't cure fibroids but if we rally our community together, our voices will be heard.  Our white dresses are symbols of HOPE that we will find a cause and cure!

Additionally, at this year’s event, we will unveil our Blossom Awards.

This award will be presented to individuals who exhibit a passion for women's health, who has been a champion for The White Dress Project, helping our organization blossom to the patient advocacy group we are today.

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