10 Great Ways To Support The Freelancer In Your Life


By: Thea Washington

Do you have friends that are freelancers or small business owners. Perhaps it's a life that you can't quite understand and you're not sure quite how to support them. Check out ten free ways to be there for the go-getter in your life! 

  1. Post about it! Invite people to follow their pages! Social Media is free advertisement to hundreds and sometimes thousands! This could give their business a major push while letting them know you care.

  2. Send an email to your network letting them know about their service or business. A referral sometimes can be more helpful than a purchase!

  3. Offer to babysit! Childcare can be pricey, gigs can be unpredictable, and everyone doesn’t trust people with their child. If they trust you, knowing their kid is in good hands, is better than any monetary gift.

  4. Assist! Ask them can you help with anything? It could be as simple as dropping something off, organizing documents, or helping out on set. Small biz owners/ freelancers tend to think we can do it all. (sometimes we can and do (after a few breakdowns and crying in a corner lol j/k) You never know how the smallest thing can be the biggest help!

  5. Send motivational quotes or texts. Sounds cheesy, but sometimes it may be just what they need to keep going!

  6. Collaborate! Collaboration can be a win/win! If involves going half on a vending table, a joint project, featuring them at your next house party, being their tester or model. Help! We need you!

  7. Network on their behalf! Be their promoter! If you meet someone who could be beneficial to them, sing their praises! You may get them a client for life :)

  8. Sharing is caring! If you have a specialty that can benefit their business (legal advice, financial advice, design, etc) Help them! Even if you just learn about a new app, grant, etc. Sharing the knowledge could have saved them a few dollars or help with their biz expansion.

  9. Just listen! Don’t offer unsolicited advice or I told you so’s. They will instantly be defensive, and shut down. Just listen and be there for them. As entrepreneurs and freelancers, we are figuring things out as we go. No gig is the same, there isn’t a manual for this life. We will make mistakes, have pain in the a$$ client, regretful contracts and more!

  10. Be There. The best way to to really help the freelancer or small business owner in your life is simply being there for them. Encourage them and uplift them on a consistent basis, they really do need it.