Six Creative Conferences You Don't Want To Miss In 2018

We know firsthand that conferences can be either a huge hit or feel like a huge waste of money. Making plans to head to the right conference is totally strategic and we've broken down our top eight in no particular order. Take a look below, happy networking! 


1.  Summit LA 18

Dates: November 2 to 5, 2018

Location: Los Angeles, California

Ticket Prices: By Application Only

Summit LA '18 is also invitation-only (with the option to apply), and in its quick existence has become known for all-star attendees. As a festival for new ideas, Summit LA attracts entrepreneurs and industry leaders from all over the globe and serves up everything from sound baths to talks on neuroscience.

 2. Content Marketing World

September 4th-7th, 2018

Cleveland, Ohio 

Content Marketing World wants you to be able to make content that inspires your audience, and it will help you get there with speakers from places like Kraft, Microsoft, Facebook, Cisco, and many other major brands doing cool things with content marketing. You’ll leave with more new ideas (and connections) than you know what to do with.

3. BlogHer 2018

August 8th-9th 

BlogHer was founded on the premise that women’s collective voices hold boundless power. When we come together it is often their debate, empathy and connection that challenges norms while building community. #BlogHer18 Creators Summit will celebrate the women who tell their stories to inspire and educate communities across the globe. While all bloggers and social media influencers will learn something from the programming, workshops and networking opportunities, Food, Beauty and Health will be key areas of focus.

4. AfroTech

November 10th-11th

SanFrancisco, CA

AfroTech is a conference where the founders and employees of some of the fastest-growing tech startups will present the tactics & strategies they use to grow their products and businesses. Conversations will range from raising venture funding, combining tech and culture, user design workshops and growth hacking.

5. Ad Color

September 20th-23rd, 2018 

Los Angeles, CA

The ADCOLOR Conference is the premier diversity gathering for professionals at all levels. We are a one-day immersive event that convenes innovators, experts and thought leaders from multiple creative industries: advertising, marketing, media, entertainment, public relations and more.

6. ANA Digital & Social Media Conference Presented by Meredith

July 23rd-July 27th

The digital and social media landscape continues to change at an unprecedented pace. What’s cutting-edge today may be passé tomorrow.  The 9th annual ANA Digital & Social Media Conference will feature top CMOs and key leaders who will cover important topics such as AI, augmented reality, influencer marketing, voice, virtual reality, social media, chatbots, content marketing, measurement, and more!  The ANA Digital & Social Media Conference has become the annual “go to” event to discuss industry issues and to network and reconnect with friends!