Five Creative Spaces You Must Visit

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Have you been feeling a creative block lately? A reminder that when you're not feeling inspired creatively, to go out and seek it! These five colorful and bold pop up art installations are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Museum of Ice Cream

Planning a trip to Miami in the next few weeks? Make your way to the Museum of Ice Cream. The Instagram worthy popup has everything from a sprinkled filled swimming pool to a wall of whipped cream.

The Egg House

This fun NYC popup is all about, eggs! You'll be surprised at the dynamics of this amazing installation.

Happy Place

Missed the "Happy Place" in Los Angeles last fall, well its back from April 26th- May 27th. Get lost in a world of confetti and golden super blooms.


Santa Monica, California's " Candytopia" is what childhood dreams are made of. Want to hop in a pool full of marshmallows? They've got you covered.

Meow Wolfe

Meow Wolf of Santa Fe, New Mexico creates immersive art experiences that transports audiences to fantastic realms.