Ten Celebrities Who Are Making Hollywood More Inclusive


By: India Brown

Hollywood has always had an inclusive problem when it comes to diverse staffs both behind and in front of the scenes. People of color don't have a large variety of choices when it comes to finding shows, movies and people that represent them and that are relate-able. Still, we're proud of these ten celebrities for changing the game! 

Lena Waithe even from the very beginning of her career, dared to push the boundaries on her artistry by being outspoken and covering topics in her art that are important to her. Just recently at the 2018 Met Gala, Waithe chose to wear a rainbow cape as part of her outfit too symbolize the LGBTQIA community. Waithe was cast in the web television series Master of None and portrayed a African-American gay woman. She continues to include diversity and realism  in her artwork in order to portray stories from a variety of points of views.


Ava Duvernay is taking the film world by storm with her creative and unique takes on real life experience. Duvernay in 2014 became the first African-American woman director to be nominated for a Golden Globe Award, for her work on the movie Selma. Most recently Duvernay has been directing and writing episodes of the critically acclaimed show , Queen Sugar on OWN tv. In the show Queen Sugar, Duvernay covers topics of activism , police brutality , and even fatherhood in the African-American community.


Issa Rae is the true definition and embodiment of how being yourself can take you far in life. Issa Rae is raw, real , and refreshing too watch on and off screen. Issa rae has stated in multiple interviews that she is constantly rooting for all black people too win and she shows this way of thinking in her own artwork. Rae’s show Insecure is centered around the awkward experiences of a contemporary African-American woman. Her show puts a heavy emphasis on seeing black people succeed and being more than just the stereotype.


Director Ryan Coogler is yet another driving force in the path towards making Hollywood more inclusive. Coogler gained territory from his work on the film Fruitvale Station, which highlighted police brutality on a big screen platform. Earlier this year, Coogler directed the film Marvel film Black Panther, which focused and highlighted a lot of African-American modern culture. He is often praised for his portrayal of often overlooked cultures and customs in the African-American community.


American filmmaker Justin Simien has also recently become a heavy advocate and influencer in including diversity in his own shows and therefore Hollywood. Justin Simien is the creator of the movie turned Netflix show , Dear White People. Dear White People is a show known for covering topics deeply personal topics to the African-American community. The show also features of all different backgrounds and personality types.


Kenya Barris is the creator and visionary behind the ABC show Black-ish. Black-ish also centers around topics involving the African-American community. People can turn on the television and see someone of themselves in at least one of the characters. It is comforting to relate to the people and topics of a show on television.





Dan Fogelman the creator and writer of the tear jerking and hit show, This is Us. This Is Us undeniably covers wide range of topics in the show. The the show is honestly unlike anything else on television. The show covers topics on obesity, adoption, and parenthood. The cast is made up of a very diverse group of people and actors , which adds to the realness and reliability of the show.


Bradley Bredeweg and Peter Paige are the creators of the Freeform show , The Fosters. The whole show is centered around a interracial lesbian couple raising adopted children. The show is clearly unique and one of a kind. It is about time all couple and families are portrayed on screen both big and or small.


Nahnatchka Khan created the ABC show, Fresh Off The Boat, focused on a taiwanese family and their everyday life. This show is so important because there are not main shows on mainstream television that focus on taiwanese people as the main characters and focus of a show. Shows that show different types of families and cultures in so important to making Hollywood and television more diverse.


Perla Farias Lombardini is a Venezuelan television director and screenwriter. She is the creator behind the show Jane the Virgin. This show represents the importance of being able to display the latino community on television. The show heavily represents and includes diversity by showing the latino community in a positive light and also including differences of opinions and generations