Five Things We're Wondering About Insecure's Season 3 Premiere


Our favorite HBO show is back! HBO's hit show Insecure kicked off its season premiere last night and left fans pondering lots of questions, here's our top five questions:

1.) Is Lawrence gone for good? It's no secret that Jay Ellis who played Issa Rae's better half for the last two seasons is not featured on the show this time around. Fans have been left wondering is he really gone for good or are they just throwing us off? 

2.)  What's really good Molly? Last season we left off with Molly admitting that she knows better when it came to her complicated relationship with a friend in an open marriage. Although we're proud of her for asking for he key back during the premiere episode, our eyebrows are still raised about this one. 

3.) 30 & Thriving? HBO's creative team is promoting this season as Issa living her best single life at 30, but it still seems like she's making bad decisions in both her personal life and career wise.

4.)  Daniel,  Daniel, Daniel? Issa just can't seem to let Daniel go, despite his blatant disrespect for her time and time again, she keeps going back and besides the fact that he's really fine, we don't get why.

5.) "We Got Y'all"  Season 3 and Issa is still at a job that seems beneath everything she's about. We can't help but wonder how long she'll keep settling at this job instead of moving on.

We'll be tuned in for the rest of season 3!