This Digital Influencer Is Planning For More Diversity


By: Amadi Taylor

The saying has always been, "It's not what you know, but who you know," however now in the digital world it's more of "who knows you." Social media influencers have helped to change the way a company markets themselves. Influencers are often ordinary people to whom we relate to in some way. These influencers are often more times than not speaking on behalf of everyone.

The reputation with influencers hasn't always been the best, because they do in fact, hold weight. What they say about companies may not be true because they are in fact getting paid, however, some influencers are doing some good. Many of them are starting businesses or building platforms to shed light on societal issues or communities they care about. One woman has used her platform this way, Christina Brown. As a graduate of Wharton Business School, she chose to use her influencer status to uplift and empower women of color.

Brown currently is running a media empire with three blogs, an event series, and a thriving consulting business and on top of all of that, she's a mom of two. She saw her popularity as a way to make a difference in a community she cares about.

In an interview with Forbes, Brown talked more about her event series, POWER Day. She launched the blog to fill the gap of diverse voices in beauty and fashion. "The gap that I hope I am filling with POWER Day is empowering women of color through personal branding and entrepreneurship."

Brown states that later this year she is planning to launch a tech platform to connect multicultural creators with brand partners. She hopes to increase diversity and inclusion in marketing so more brands can actually book creators of color–from photographers to influencers–to create and launch campaigns.

Brown always wants more people of color in the decision-making seats and in position to get coveted brand building opportunities. These opportunities come with access and visibility, which stretches back who you now. If you don't have that relationship with a brand partner, then you don't get the opportunity, Her platform aims to democratize some of those relationships and access so that more talented and diverse creatives get a shot.