Issa Rae Is Producing Tayari Jones' 2011 Novel 'Silver Sparrow'

By: Amadi Taylor


Issa Rae remains books and busy. Issa recently finished filming The Photograph with Lakeith Stanfield and now she’s moving on to her next project, producing a movie. Issa Rae is producing Tayari Jones’ novel, ‘Silver Sparrow’.

Silver Sparrow is set in Atlanta, Georgia during the 1980s, and it revolves around a pair of young girls who form a friendship. However, only one of them is aware that they are sisters and knows that their father, James Witherspoon, is a covert bigamist.

Rae is set to executive produce an adaptation of Jones' acclaimed novel. She has multiple projects in development for a number of different outlets, all in different stages of development.