Ava DuVernay & Netflix Confirm Over 23 Million Subscribers Have Watched “When They See Us”


by: Amadi Taylor



Ava DuVernay recently released on Netflix ‘When They See Us’, the grueling story of what happened to the ‘Central Park 5’, now known as the ‘Exonerated 5’. If you don’t know what this story is at this point, you have to be living under a rock. This series follows the lives of 5 boys who were accused and charged of a rape case in 1989 taking place in Central Park in Harlem, NY. Watching the series we already knew the outcome, yet we still hoped for a happier twist in the series.

After the release, the series went viral with thousands of people having watched it within the first few days. Many times, black directors have said that studios don’t believe that “black” movies or shows won’t sell. Ava and many others are here to tell you that our stories matter and we have something to say.

Ava tweeted out ”Imagine believing the world doesn’t care about real stories of black people. It always made me sad. So when Netflix just shared with me that 23M+ accounts worldwide have watched #WhenTheySeeUs, I cried. Our stories matter and can move across the globe. A new truth for a new day.”