Five Lessons We Learned From Insecure's Season 3 Finale


Our favorite besties in our head Issa Rae and Yvonne Orji just wrapped another phenomenal season of HBO’s Insecure. The season overall felt very different from its past drama heavy seasons. This time around Rae and the rest of her writing team focused on Issa’s growth and her making better choices over all. We have to say the first half of the season felt a little awkward without Lawrence’s (Jay Ellis) story line, however that’s what made the show authentic. Although we never want to stop knowing what Lawrence is up too, the show is after all centered around Issa as the main character and ex boyfriends aren’t always in your life. Still, it was nearly impossible not to be excited when Lawrence’s big smile flashed across our screen. The season finale left us wanting more and with lots of questions. Here’s five lessons we took away:

1.) Friendships Change: Tiffany’s pregnancy this season was a big revelation that as life changes happen so do friendships unfortunately. However, just because your friend is going through a big life change doesn’t mean you stop being a great friend, especially when they need you more than ever.

2.) Don’t Settle: It took Issa a few seasons, but she realized she finally realized how much she was settling in a job that just wasn’t meant for her. As the saying goes; “if you don’t like your life, change it.”

3.) Not every one you’re attracted too, is good for you: There is no denying that Daniel and Issa have a strong chemistry, but their relationship/friendship wasn’t a healthy one. It’s a lesson that’s often learned in your 20’s, “everyone that you date isn’t supposed to be your happily ever after.”

4.) Growth happens when you let go: Lawrence and Issa both held so much resentment towards each other for so long, but once they both let the pain go they started to become genuine friends again.

5.) Embrace rejection and failure: Issa wanted to run for the hills when she got a bunch of no’s for her block party event, but a new friend told her not to accept no as the first answer. Sometimes embracing rejection is needed to make things happen. Just because it may seem to hard, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pursue it. Dream big!

What did you takeaway from this season?