By: Marconja Zor

Are you still a season behind on getting into Grown-ish? We promise you it’s not too late to binge watch and here are top five reasons you


One of the most intriguing parts of Grow-ish has to be Zoey's fashion and hair choices! We always get a taste of retro, high fashion, or just College girl fresh from Zoey. From her zebra print long sleeve blouse from Topshop for only $20 to her Suzan Embellished velvet Mini Dress from Bloomingdale’s on season 2, you can also find affordable style inspos from Zoey Johnson. Her character is also a natural-haired girl's dream. We have gotten many pins up, braids and kinky curl up do's to accommodate every stylish outfit of hers.

We're looking forward to seeing more fabulousness.


This season we are looking for the continued decisions and evolution of all of the characters, especially Zoey's character. We've watched the choices that she's made about sex, drugs, boys, and friends, cheating on her exam (all which were very realistic decisions by the way). For some reason, many of us are hoping to still see more realistic College choices being made instead of grown women decisions. It makes the scenarios more genuine.


The past 2 seasons have opened up on topics which included the LGBTQ+ community. They've touched on the bias that comes with being a bi woman in College vs. being a bi guy, along with the topic of experimenting. Emily Arlook's character Nomi Segal does a fantastic job of being that friend who is comfortable and willing to answer questions about her bisexuality when asked. We are not sure of what season three will correctly tackle, but hopefully, there will be a more in-depth conversation about the trials and struggles, as well as the good, that comes with being a part of the LGBTQ+ community.


Well, sister power actually! Chloe and Halle Bailey are an R&B sister duo who are actually 2 years in age difference play twins "Jazlyn and Skylar." The twins, who are part of the school's track team, always bring the real as blunt and honest as they can. The sister energy that is bounced off of each other while acting is phenomenal. They have no issue giving their opinion about black men not checking for black women, but instead checking for non-black women with fake lips and cornrows. The sassy and straight forward delivery of their opinions, along with being a loving part of Zoey's support system are all reason why we should tune in for season 3.


Some of us have been out of College for 10 plus years now. Although many things have changed, like the growth of technology and social media, the friendships and pressure of making what you would consider being the best choice at that age still remain the same. The writers do a great job of making the show relate-able and enjoyable to watch no matter what age you are. Some way or somehow you will always feel a sense of nostalgia while watching this series.

Grown-ish Is A Breath Of Fresh Air For A New Generation




I grew up being obsessed with everything about television in  the 90's. I would spend way to many hours watching The Cosby Show, Full House, Family Matters, Step by  Step, 90210, Sister Sister  and countless others. However, the one that always stuck out was  "A Different World." Although I was no where near college aged I still found myself relating to the characters of Whitley,  Dwayne Wayne, Freddie, Kim and Ron.  It was a show that spoke to kids of the 90's was so essential that it's still watched and referenced 31 years later. 

Naturally, I was thrilled when Freeform announced that it would be developing "Grown-Ish," a show chronicling the life of "Black-ish" character Zoey Johnson in college. Like tons of other older millennial's I  automatically started comparing the show to, "A Different World." A modern day version of A Different World?! Yes!  However, tuning into the first episode I couldn't have been more wrong as I realized that star Yara Shahidi was carving out her own lane.

The show is touching on topics that impact today's teens right out the gate from depression,  drugs, peer pressure, social media and not quite having it all together.  Shadidi's character is smart, charming, gorgeous , relatable and flawed.  Executive produced by Laurence Fishburne and Anthony Anderson, who play Zoey's grandfather and father on black-ish—it is heartfelt and a perfect spinoff from the ABC hit.

The diverse cast also includes  Francia Raisa an extremely conservative Cuban-American  from Miami, a bi-sexual Emily Arlook; Trevor Jackson is the woke guy who Zoey can't stop crushing on; Jordan Buhat as Vivek Shah a drug dealer-Drake loving Indian American; Luca Hall who plays a black hippie; rising stars Chloe x Halle as the Forster twins who appear to be cookie cutter track stars on the surface.

Although the show is completely unlike A Different World, I'm thrilled for this new generation who will have its own college show to relate to with new issues, fresh characters and a different outlook on life filled with more opportunities than any other generation has ever known.

Tune into Freeform Wednesday's at 8 p.m. to watch Grown-ish.