Get Inspired with Dayna Bolden Our Women of Vision Spotlight.

What are some of your short-term goals for the second half of 2018?

  • Plan and execute my first large-scale event in the Baltimore area 
  • Business plan for my next brand
  • Take Dinner with Dayna meet up event international! 

What are three podcast that inspire your vision for life?

  • Myleik's The My Taught You Podcast 
  • Side Hustle Pro
  • Brown Ambition 


My go-to, get amp’d up, and ready to conquer the day soundtrack includes anything drake...”

Name three songs that get you amp'd up and ready to conquer the day?

  • Go Get It- Mary Mary 
  • Boo'd Up- (I am still obsessed lol)
  • Anything Drake


Three of your favorite self-care tips?

  • The biggest self-care advice for me is to be still. I get so wrapped up with work and travel that sometimes doing nothing is the biggest self-care for me. I love just being able to relax at home with no pressing deliverables on my plate and I can breathe easy. 
  • Spa-day is always great! I love a good facial and full body massage. Being able to take a day to relax and enjoy being pampered is the best!
  • When I can't get to the spa, which is often. I like to perform my extended at home skin care regimen which will include a nice soothing mask and exfoliating routine!