MACEE WHITEHEAD, Founder of the carroll school of dance


What empowers you?

I am empowered by my students, and the many other little black divas I come in contact with. I want to inspire them to always put their best foot forward. Teach them the right things to do in life, so they can become successful. I figure that if I continue be a successful black woman entrepreneur, they will see that anything is possible for them. 

Who inspires you?

The movement of #blackgirlmagic inspires me! To see so many young black women in the world breaking barriers every day, it inspires me to keep going in my career. 

What was your initial reason for getting into the industry you're in now?

I grew up dancing. I started dance classes when I was 5 years old. As I became older I found my self at a lot of dance auditions where I was the only African American student. Most of the times I wasn’t picked or accepted into the dance program, not to say it had anything to do with race. But it did lower my self esteem. One of my dreams in life was to always have my own dance school, but never in a million years did I think it would the gain success so quickly. I wanted to open  a dance school that not only taught dance, but how to build your self esteeem, learn responsibly, and ofcourse understand the power of overcoming life’s challenges. I give my students a safe place to be themselves, meet new people, and ofcourse study dance. 

What do you love most about Baltimore?

The era of change. Baltimore is currently in a time of change & rebuilding. We are learning that in order for our city to become a better place of opportunity & safety, for  the future, we must build together. 

What was your favorite song to listen to on set of the photo shoot?

Best Life : Cardi B & Chance, The Rapper 

What's your ultimate goal career wise?

My ultimate goal is to provide as many dance opportunities to our youth. I would like The Carroll School of Dance to have several locations in different cities where children & adults can learn to dance for an affordable price. 

What do you want your legacy to be?

I want people to remember me as the women who provided opportunities for young black girls. As I am still growing as an entrepreneur, I don’t know what my future holds. But no matter what, I will always build princesses into queens, one dance step at a time.