Writer/Producer, Creative Lab | Washington D.C.

The Creative Lab @ McClatchy (CL) is looking for a creative, writing-first video producer who can help develop and implement creative visions for brands through words, design, images and other immersive, multimedia experiences.

The Creative Lab is a nationwide branded content studio with a heavy presence in Washington, D.C., and team members located in McClatchy markets across the country. This position may work in either the Sacramento or Washington, D.C. market.

The Creative Lab works with brands, advertisers and journalism clients to produce high-quality, relevant, video-centric branded content across several categories.

While we value a well-rounded skill set, a successful Producer candidate will show high proficiency in coming up with compelling campaign ideas and content concepts for brands. They’ll play a lead role in proposal creation while also (1) writing scripts and journalism-style stories for clients and (2) working with our writing freelancers.



Interested? Please apply and include a cover letter stating your interest and detailing your skill set. Applications without a cover letter will not be considered. 


  • Find and articulate clear and compelling narratives for brands
  • Strategize and develop cohesive branded content campaigns (short- and long-term) that span platforms/media and have many moving parts
  • Articulate and communicate branded content concepts to internal and external clients
  • Plan, storyboard and execute storytelling concepts based on varying degrees of creative direction
  • Pitch, research and produce written pitches and stories, social media posts, headlines and other branded content (SEO expertise a plus)
  • Create compelling pitch decks (InDesign experience a plus)
  • Develop new visual stories and formats
  • Find and collect relevant archival and other pertinent material
  • Work with and across teams to manage and execute different components of a branded content project/campaign (including advertising and marketing-specific components)
  • Track and measure success of campaigns using analytics
  • Work to uncover branded content opportunities across a specific market and region


  • Degree in journalism, communications or English strongly preferred
  • Minimum of 2-3 years of experience in journalism or branded content production
  • Exposure to working in commercial/marketing or journalistic settings preferred
  • Skilled content producer/strategist – passionate about content and storytelling
  • Strong reporting, writing, sourcing, research skills
  • Knowledge of the native advertising and branded content spaces –understands and can communicate the importance of branded content
  • Strong planning and organizational skills
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively (written and verbal)
  • Ability to multi-task and work successfully on cross-functional teams
  • Ability to travel
  • Experience with design and/or coding a huge plus
  • Ability to communicate in Spanish a plus
  • Experience in videography and production a plus
  • Experience in event planning/coordinating a plus
  • Experience/skill in animation production a plus
  • Experience in 360 videography/production a plus

Skills Needed: Excellent interpersonal, problem solving, and team player skills required. Strategic thinking experience and the ability to work with a dispersed team. Visual sensibility and experience contributing to interactive and multimedia work, with creative concepts and implementation. Reliable editorial judgment, advanced communication/collaboration, and ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines. A vision of future audience trends, social media platforms and digital media important.

Personal Attributes: Energy, flexibility, multi-tasking and online smarts. Skill to work well within a networked video-focused team and diverse group of clients. Aptitude for thinking big, working wisely and quickly iterating. Entrepreneurial spirit.

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