Atlanta Robbin' Season Teaser: In The Spotlight

Atlanta Robbin’ Season Teaser: In the Spotlight

By: Alexis Taylor


It is oftentimes said that for all the lures of fame, it definitely has a dark side. The first trailer for Atlanta Robbin’ Season (aka Season 2) is here and it seems to embody that notion by eclipsing a majority of the one-minute teaser in shadows:

Only after multiple views was I able to see just how many levels there were and still, some things may have been missed. And, well, since I’m particularly fond of reading too much into things uncovering clues, here’s a breakdown of the teaser which may offer insight into issues Earnest “Earn” (Donald Glover) Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry), Darius (Lakeith Stanfield) and Vanessa “Van” (Zazie Beetz) will confront in Season 2.

00:02 - Right as the music starts, we hear a gun cock. Look closer and you can make out two people being held at gunpoint. In the shadows it looks like Van and someone else. But who’s holding them up and why?

00:08 - As the camera pans, someone in the foreground shadow appears to take a bag from Earn’s side. Can’t tell if Earn is aware or even cares.

00:10 - All four sit at a restaurant booth, with Earn and Darius engaged in a lively, but friendly-looking discussion. The robbery continues in the background. Curiously, we can see their breaths -- almost as if they are having their conversation in a freezer.

00:14 - I promise I see a random leg and sneaker hanging over the edge of something. Cannot confirm.

00:21 - Next shot is Darius, Earn, and Paper Boi in a strip club and it’s a complete inverse of last season’s "Club" fiasco. There are plenty of drinks, money litters the table, and the trio appears to be much more at ease in their surroundings. Paper Boi almost looks bored as he makes it rain, but we also get the feeling he’s not trickin’ anymore. (*Quinta voice* He got money!)  

00:23 - Foreground shadow: someone stuffs money into a bag.

00:27 - In darkness, we hear glass shatter and a figure running away.

00:34 - Darius, Earn, and Paper Boi are back, this time in the most bizarre scene of the teaser. While Darius mows a lawn in pajama pants, Earn and Paper Boi sit atop a car in the driveway. A large gator saunters towards them and...all three calmly stare at it. Uh, what?

00:41 - The final scene, we see the crew, led by Van, laughing and having a good time as they walk around. Out of nowhere, Paper Boi’s chain is yanked from behind. He looks back, but whomever or whatever pulled it is invisible.

Lots to unpack, right? Well, first let’s get to the Season 2 title. In a Vulture interview with Stephen Glover, executive producer and writer for the series, Robbin’ Season referrers to a time around the winter holidays when robberies and crime increase. The teaser definitely alludes to plenty of overt and covert thievery taking place around the main characters. What about the condensation when people talk? While we are unable to make out what is being discussed, it does seem like everyone is oblivious to the chill in the air. Maybe something happens this season to suddenly turn “Hot-lanta” icy towards Paper Boi’s and the squad. So what about Tick-Tock the Croc (or alligator) chillin in the driveway? A Google search shows that dreaming about these creatures can symbolize deceit or treacherous motives. The spotlight imagery is pretty self-explanatory; ever since Earn increased Paper Boi’s profile, they have living been in the limelight, for better or for worse. And finally, tying it all together, the soundtrack, Too Fast by Sonder. Heavy.

Hopefully this does not mean this next season will be a total downer, but taking into account the title and the symbolism of the trailer, I think Earn, Paper Boi, Darius, and even Van will experience some of the more shadowy effects of being known. Hopefully they won’t be robbed of something irreplaceable.    

Atlanta Robbin’ Season premieres March 1 on FX.