Meet Emmy nominated Makeup artist Ngozi Olandu-Young


Ngozi Olandu-Young is an Emmy Nominated makeup artist and entrepreneur,  known to most as “Gozi”. She radiates the world with her remarkable creativity and positive attitude. Through the influence of her rich Nigerian culture, the American raised artist fell in love with beauty and production at a very young age.  She was deeply inspired by the vibrant details of her family’s garments, which led to the variant textures, colors and polished looks seen throughout her beauty application and designs. Ngozi has been blessed to work on projects like The Wire, House of Cards, Step Up 2,Game Change, Jackie, Bessie, where she earned her Emmy nomination and a plethora of other film and TV productions. She also founded and designed her clothing line, NOY and created an educational program called The Reel Artist Pro for those interested in breaking into film and television.

Gifted with an eye for fresh beauty, Ngozi is highly skilled in the art of natural projection.  She is able to balance art with the natural features of her clients, resulting in sophisticated, yet subtle looks of beauty that are purely striking.  Each client is a canvas filled with endless potential and inspiration waiting to be released

Ngozi resides in Baltimore, MD with her husband and 2 kids.

See more of her work at or IG at @gozibeauty 

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