Spotlight On Hermela Solomon


A huge fan of curly hair bloggers? Well then it's more than likely you've heard of the amazing Hermela Solomon who is defining the way women of color wear curls for a new generation. She's known for giving the best tips on preserving curls, straight hair styles and overall healthy hair. We're incredibly excited that she has joined Color Vision as an advisory board member. Want to know more about Hermela?  Read below:

1.) You are known for your online personality and your beautiful curls, what's something people don't know about you Aside from being a social media influencer, people don't know that I love to dance! Throughout my life I used to perform and study all forms of dance. Certain styles including Jazz, Tap, Broadway, Hip Hop, and more!

2.) Tell us how why you felt it was important to share your hair journey with the world?

I felt it was important to open up about my journey, because I believed that it would help motivate and inspire many who'd had shared the same struggles as I did. One of the biggest reasons I started documenting and sharing my story was to provide insight and knowledge to men and women on how to maintain healthy hair.

3.) What does it mean to have a large platform as a woman of color to you ?

At times it's nerve wrecking to know 100K people are listening and watching what I have to say! It's important that I always remember the power of a large platform and how to utilize it properly. As a woman of color, it's rewarding to know that I can help others who struggled with society beauty standards and help break down barriers. 

4.) What advice would you give to young women who want to do what you do some day

The biggest advice I would have to give would be to stay true to who you are and let your personality shine through. So many girls are beginning to enter this business, so find a way to make it your own and the following will come with time!

5.) What are three things you do to help you with your self care?

  • I am big on understanding and communicating different feelings I have rather than bottling them in.

  • I love working out to relieve stress or to brainstorm new ideas while sweating my a$$ off :)

  • Listening to music really helps my mind to relax and kind of get re-inspired


Watch Hermela's videos here