Author Bianca Williams Talks Sidelined Trilogy



Bianca Williams is multi-talented. It's hard not to marvel at all of the amazing thing she's done throughout her career. The author who discovered her passion for writing in college has been at the top of her game in the finance field for over fifteen years and is also a co-founder of a prestigious event planning firm. We couldn't be more excited to announce Sidelined: The Penalty as our September book of the month, which you can purchase here. Read more about Williams author journey below:

Your trilogy series is based on real life events, why did you think it was important to tell your story?

My story is unique but also very common in a lot of ways. We all may not have dated an NFL player but we’ve all loved and lost. I learned a lot from that four-year relationship and looking back, I made a lot of mistakes. When you are hurt it's easy to cast blame. In order to grow, you have to look inward and be accountable for your choices. I hope women read my books, analyze their relationships, and make better decisions. Know the Plays, or get Sidelined. 


Why do you think it’s important for women of color to tell their story? 

Other women of color need to read our stories. No one can write our stories better than us. I wrote Sidelined because when I was going through heartbreak, I wanted to read about characters I could relate to.


Writing a book is no easy feat, what advice would you give to anyone out there who has a story to tell but has no idea it?  

Writing is one of the hardest things I've ever done. When I was inspired to write the Sidelined series, the outline for all three books came at once. However, it took years to write, edit, and rewrite each book. My advice is simple. Just write. You have to first get the story on paper or typed on the screen. Once that’s completed, I'd recommend a lot of research, an outline, and most importantly, an editor. Don’t hire your best friend who has a Masters in English, but a professional editor. It will save you time, energy, and heartache. No one will want to read your work if it’s not professionally edited. 


What one main lesson do you hope readers take away from your book?

I want each individual who reads my series to accept that their life is a result of the decisions they make. Identify the mistakes and not only learn from them but take ownership of them. Accept the failure, so change can begin to manifest.  Oh, and to always trust your gut.


What can readers look forward to in the last book of the trilogy? 

A sweet satisfying ending.