KALILAH WRIGHT, Founder of Mess in a Bottle


What empowers you?

I am empowered knowing I am a black, immigrant woman and excelling at being a successful business owner. I am empowered to know I pursued a degree like architecture that is a field that is dominated by white males. I am empowered that I have the will to fight when I feel like I have no more fight in me. 

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by Kevin Plank. Working at Under Armour as an architect allowed me to see what can be built from hard work. He started with a vision and made that into a billion dollar company.

What was your initial reason for getting into the industry you're in now? 

I wanted to LIVE. I wanted to successfully be able to work, pay off student loans, go home to my son at night and live my best life. I wanted to do this without working 3 jobs and not having enough time to raise him while barely making ends meet. I wanted to create legacy for generations to pass down to my son and make sure he was prepared to enter into society debt free. 

What do you love most about Baltimore?

The versatility of the city. Everything is adaptable here and always changing. There are hidden gems in Baltimore, no matter how rough of a neighborhood you may be in, there is always some kind of beauty in it.

What was your favorite song to listen to on set of the photo shoot?

She Bad (Cardi + YG). It got me excited, made me feel like a young girl doing fly-ness in the streets of Brooklyn.

What's your ultimate goal career wise?

To sell my company for over 100 million dollars and have Mess in a Bottle vending machines all over the world.

What do you want your legacy to be?

An immigrant girl from Brooklyn, New York that built a 100 million dollar company with only $500. Leaving a strong business and property for my son and future children. I would like to leave my words by publishing several books before I die.