The Project Coordinator is responsible for managing, organizing prioritizing and executing duplication, QC and editing requests from external vendors and TV One employees, along with developing and maintaining the associated reporting and tracking data.


 Position Ownership

  •  Prioritizing the activities identified above, and making adjustments as deadlines change and new work is introduced.
  • Working with client groups to understand the requirements of their project and to suggest potential alternatives.
  • Placing requests in context, and resolving discrepancies in order to maximize efficiencies.
  • Create procedures and necessary administrative tools to efficiently complete production facility assignments for non-linear platforms such as Video OnDemand (VOD), the TV One App (TVE), as well as all on-air material.
  • Establishing and refining processes and procedures to ensure timely delivery of all requested content or information.

General Responsibilities

  • Receive and process duplication QC and editing requests as needed.
  • Verify accuracy and clarity of instructions, deadlines delivery locations with requestors.
  • Establish work priorities for, and communicate clearly with, production facility staff as needed.
  • Request tapes from the Content Librarian and acquire source materials for production facility staff.
  • Provide post-production support for other departments as needed.
  • Take on additional duties and responsibilities as necessary.


  • Create prioritized to-do lists for the Post Production Tech on a daily basis.
  • Create and submit Digitize and Dub request forms for the Post Production Tech.
  • Organize and manage all content on TVersity

Quality Control

  •  Complete program verification for shows that have been through QC as needed.
  • Create, organize and maintain QC Evaluation Forms.
  • QC files for VOD, TVE, and Verizon Go90 as well as other non-linear platforms as needed.


 Ensure timely delivery of program video and caption files for linear and non-linear platforms

  • Upload video files to digital platforms.
  • Maintain shipping logs and records of completed work.
  • Label, package, and ship finished materials to requestors
  • Send all on-air content to the uplink facility.
  • Send confirmation emails for all shipments and uploads to requestors, recipients and supervisors


 Understanding of duplication, editing, and QC processes

  • Familiarity with tape and file formats
  • Ability to multi-task, and work effectively under changing priorities and challenging deadlines.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, detail-oriented; and strong organizational skills are required
  • Strong computer skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Office applications (MS Word, Excel, and Outlook) is required.
  • Legal right to work in the US

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