WAMU Announces The Launch Of The Pod Shop, A Podcast Development Program For D.C., Maryland And Virginia Residents

WAMU announces the launch of The Pod Shop, a three-month initiative that will train, support and promote local podcast producers. The program will select up to five creators to participate in twice-weekly sessions during which they will receive creative guidance, a $2,500 funding award and assistance in developing their material into one or more pilot episodes, which will be distributed in a single podcast feed via WAMU.

The Pod Shop aims to seek out, identify and nurture emerging storytelling talent in the Washington, D.C., region at no cost to those selected. Participants will receive training and mentorship from WAMU talent, staff and affiliates, as well as access to studio time. Over the course of three months, they will create a pilot episode of their podcasts in addition to one or two subsequent episodes. Each podcast pilot will be circulated in a single feed via WAMU, and at the conclusion of the program, producers will have the chance to pitch their podcast to WAMU as a recurring show.

“We’re inspired by the wealth of creative and diverse talent across the Washington region,” said Andi McDaniel, WAMU’s Senior Director of Content and News. “As a leader in audio storytelling, we want to help support and connect future podcasters—and The Pod Shop is designed to do that.”

The program will be broken up into three phases, which include training, development and workshopping. Participants will work collaboratively to produce original content, while learning the creative and production process of podcasting.

WAMU will begin taking applications on June 18, 2018; the application period will run through July 6, 2018.  Qualified applicants must be anyone over the age of 18, a resident of Washington, D.C., Maryland or Virginia, and able to attend in-person twice-weekly sessions at the WAMU studios on Connecticut Ave., Northwest, in Washington, D.C.

For more information about The Pod Shop, including information about how to apply for the program, visit